About Us



At Couture Care Personal Care Services our goal over-the-top Non-Medical Home Care & exceeding expectations.

We are available 24/7 to provide free in-home consultation so that we can tailor the care to your needs and expectations. We, at Couture Care Personal Care Services, offer a unique set of services and benefits that will allow you to have the peace of mind, knowing that you or your loved ones will be cared for in a loving and empathetic manner. We provide a number of payment options, because we know that each situation is different and unique.

We provide peace of mind, if you or yours require just a few hours of respite or 24 hour care. We can help. Just need a little help after surgery, or are bed bound with a pregnancy, we can help. If you need around the clock care for your Mother or Father with Alzheimer’s or other debilitations we can be there with a customized plan of care. We understand that sometimes you just need a few hours of respite. Or sometimes the assurance knowing that your loved ones are being cared for when life has taken you far away. We can help with pediatric as well as adult care.

We provide compassionate and competent care
We are dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve and to treat each other with care and respect
We act with honesty, integrity and fairness in the conduct of our business